Our Partners

We strongly value our relationships, with both our clientele and our business partners.

Philos is proud to be in partnership with…

Ashley Jubinville

Food Educator

The Kitchen Coach is Ashley Jubinville, a civil engineer who made the change to food consultancy. She believes that the best medicine is through creating healthy habits and making good decisions. Ashley is passionate about re-engineering our relationship with food and helping her clients make clear, informed choices about what we consume. She is a strong advocate for sustainable wholefood, plant-based, organic diet. Ashley provides Philos clients with the right tools and information enabling them to make better choices about how to nourish and sustain their bodies to achieve greater happiness and less stress.

Kimberley Davies

Website Design & branding

Kimberley Peta is a design and marketing consultant who assists businesses with creating websites that represent their brands. The result of strategic collaborations with Philos Consulting are high quality and cohesive print and digital marketing pieces.

Kimberley is a Sunshine Coast based designer with award-winning design and marketing qualifications combined with over 10 years corporate business and boutique agency experience.

Eddie Anderson

Business growth specialist

Eddie Anderson uses tools including Facebook ads, search engine optimisation SEO, inbound marketing systems, and business advisory services to grow businesses and profits.

Eddie has a Masters in Business Administration through the Australian Institute of Business and has an exceptionally warm, down to earth personality.