Our Process - Tailored & Personal Advice

Step 1. Discovery Session

This session is all about focusing on what’s important to you. We will delve deep into your current circumstances, prioritise what’s important to you and give you an overview of how we can help. 

Most people don’t have a plan or a system for their money that works for them, and it often leaves them feeling overwhelmed. We will organise your financial affairs so that it’s easy for you to see your money from a bird’s-eye view.

Oftentimes, we need to look at things differently if we want to start making a real change. We can identify gaps or cracks that are keeping you, your business, or your family from achieving the highest potential.

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Step 2. Possibility Session

If after the Discovery Session, we decide that we’re a good fit for each other, Step 2 is about proceeding towards creating a financial plan, we will have analysed your financial details and we now know what’s possible. This session is where we start creating SMART GOALS.  We then align appropriate advice services in line with your goals.

Now that we have a clear understanding of where we are heading, we can discuss the costs and benefits to prepare a formal Statement of Advice and implement the strategies outlined to achieve your goals. Advice fees can vary in cost, dependent upon the complexity of the advice provided for your unique situation. But we will openly discuss these with you prior to moving ahead with anything.

Step 3. Action Plan
& Implementation

Your financial plan will be unique and customised to your circumstances, needs, goals and objectives. In this session, we will present to you the Statement of Advice which outlines our exact recommendations to your situation, all benefits, products, risks and any costs associated.

We’re committed to working together with you to ensure you, your family and your business will be protected in line with your goals. Your unique strategy will be implemented through a series of simple steps over the coming months.

We look forward to meeting with you and seeing your dreams become a reality.