Our Philosophy

At Philos, we know that financial advice is about more than just money. We empower you to make great decisions and create a strategy to align your current reality with your  goals and desires. We believe in partnering with you to achieve your definition of success.


Philos provides an advisory service that’s professional, people-focused and transparent in everything we do.

Riordan Butler

Principal Financial Planner

Riordan Butler is the principal financial adviser of Philos Consulting. Riordan is highly experienced in creating tailored financial strategies for professionals that can’t see a clear way forward. He lives on the Sunshine Coast with his wife–Bethany, who is a physiotherapist with Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Clinics. Riordan & Bethany are avid Sydney Swans supporters and are both talented musicians.

Riordan has a strong commitment to ongoing education and training and is currently undertaking additional finance-related studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Riordan is an authorised financial advisor through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

“I’m passionate about seeing people thrive and be successful in all areas of their life. Through Philos, my aim is to build a safe, creative, community environment where you can be your unique individual self, working towards your own definition of success.”

We are reliable, accessible and committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Philos Fun Facts

Fact #1

14 credit cards have been destroyed so far, saving our clients thousands in interest!

Fact #2

We have helped 3 clients quit smoking, improving their quality of life and saving money!